What I Did, Volume 5

What I Did is a series that documents software development-related work I’ve done the previous week. As the old adage goes, that which is measured gets done, and there’s nothing like broadcasting to the world that you’ve done nothing to motivate the self, right?

This week:

  • My SQL-to-RTF project passed QA. Praise the Lord.
  • I finished Udacity’s Programming Foundations with Python. I’m new to neither Python nor OOP, but because I felt that my grasp of the latter was severely lacking, I enrolled and completed this course. This course was great, because it wasn’t for complete beginners (and thus, no lessons on what a string is or how to print integers), but it was simple enough that, at the end, I think I *finally* grasp the basics of OOP, how it is useful, and how to implement in Python.
  • I began the next course that’s part of Udacity’s Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree, which is Responsive Web Design Fundamentals.
  • I began looking up blog/website themes to see what I’d like to do. It’s kind of overwhelming, so I’ve started to skim the samples and clicking only on those that appeal to me immediately. It’s not the best system, but if I succumb to Decision Paralysis, this might never get done.

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