What I Did, Volume 3

What I Did is a series that documents software development-related work I’ve done the previous week. As the old adage goes, that which is measured gets done, and there’s nothing like broadcasting to the world that you’ve done nothing to motivate the self, right?

So, I’ve already broken my commitment for twice-weekly updates, so this WID post will count for both of my posts this week. My blog, my rules, right?

Anyway, what have I done since I last wrote to y’all?

  • I finished the SQL-to-RTF coding for a work project. This assignment is one that never ends, but the hard part is done. Some day, it will stop coming back from QA for design-related elements that I have little control over due to a third-party widget we use.
  • I did a bunch of stuff on Udacity!
    • I finished How to Use Git and GitHub. Then, I promptly forgot about version control and regretted it immediately when I wanted to roll back some a lot of changes I’d made for an assignment for…
    • Intro to HTML and CSS. I started and finished this course, and in addition to learning the basics of boxification, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, I produced my first ever page from a provided mock-up (and according to the bots, I’m only off from the original by 0.75%):


What’s next? Python, Python, and more Python.