My Computer Issues

Right now, I do all of my work (both personal and professional) on a Lenovo ThinkPad T440 that’s hooked up to all sorts of external peripherals. On it, I dual boot Windows 7 (I’m eager to see Windows 10) and Fedora 22.

You know what annoys me? Some of my stuff only works in Fedora (coughTrimagecough) and some of my stuff only works in Windows (coughDisplayLinkcough).

The one place where all of my stuff (or close alternatives) work? OS X.

In Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg writes that her grandmother’s business acumen resulted in a “profit margin that Apple would envy.” It is comical, and the story of Ms. Sandberg’s grandmother is one of the anecdotes I liked best from Lean In, but it is less comical when you’re considering a Mac to keep you keeping on.

And so, after much spelunking on the Interwebs and a weekend spent futzing with compatibility issues and the like, we are now saving our pennies for a mid-range MacBook Pro. There is something to be said about using what everyone else is using, and by not doing so, I more time that I would’ve liked trying to figure things out on my own.